Your Learning & Development Partners

The Insights2Improvement team provides expertise and support in the areas of assessment-based solutions, coaching, leadership training and team performance improvement.  Clients leverage our extensive network of resources to minimize cost and maximize results.  Results include improved new hire quality, productivity, service, sales and engagement.  Contact us.

A simple process...

Training may or may not be the solution.  Understanding the root cause of a business problem and desired outcome of an initiative help identify a learning and development solution that impacts results.   Knowing what to do is not usually the challenge.  Knowing how to do it and doing it usually is.  Creating a process/system to support implementation and on-going learning and development maximizes result.

  1. Assess/measure/identify current problem, behavior, performance or opportunity
  2. Identify desired outcomes and results
  3. Develop a learning and development solution that leverages resources
  4. Establish a system/process to support implementation and reward continous application

Our learning and development differentiator, PAC...

Practical - makes sense to the learners--who, what, why, when, how?  Applicable - connects to the learners' needs, job requirements and goals.  Coachable - learning can be supported by others on a continous basis.

Our consultative training and coaching solutions maximize investments by:

  1. Solving real business and workplace problems
  2. Identifying new and current business opportunities
  3. Building new and/or strengthening current working relationships
  4. Developing and testing new business strategies

Learners don't just want to read it, learn it, talk about it and understand it - they want to use it.

Whether you are an individual, a small business or fortune 500 organization, we can work with you to improve results through learning and development. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs, vision and goals.


Are you a high potential women leader looking to grow your career, increase your compensation and enhance your leadership effectiveness?  Do you have women leaders worth your investment?

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  • Earn a Rochester Institute of Technology Leadership Certificate 

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