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Coaching is the most effective learning and development process

coaching professionals

Research shows that in the areas of conceptual understanding, skill attainment and application coaching is 90% or more effective. In the area of application, coaching is 70% more effective than any other training component.

Insights2Coaching puts learning and development to work. Download Coaching with a Purpose – “Typically, return on investment of job-related coaching is 8 to 1.”

Insights2Coaching programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual client (coachee) and customer (organization). Coaching programs support leaders at all levels including executives, directors, mid-level managers, and front-line managers.

When should you consider hiring an Insights2Coaching Coach? If you want to…

  • Improve leadership effectiveness
  • Ensure high-potential career readiness and development
  • Increase engagement and team collaboration
  • “Turn-around” performance
  • Transition managers into leadership roles

What differentiates Insights2Coaching programs? Our Coaching Scorecard, Coaching Triad and building Coaching Capacity…learn more.